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EDUCATIONAL GABRIOLA GEORGIA STRAIT CAM is presenting this catagory for children of all ages. Please feel free to forward any educational games and programs suitable for children, particularly if it can be utilized while waiting for and riding on the ferry. We would also appreciate comments on our content. Parents should check all web pages to be sure the content is appropriate for your children.

Oceans Dat in the Park 2013

Bring the whole family and have fun learning about the Oceans Ecosystem. Lots to do and see.


The KHAN ACADEMY is a wonderful learning experience for young and old. Use as tutorials or for homeschooling. Watch the video for an overview of the future of education.


http://www.khanacademy.org/ http://www.khanacademy.org/ 

TED TALKS  are educational as well as entertaining. Watch video on a wide variety off subjects from the Deep Ocean,  Technological advances to Education.


ONLINE PLANITARIUM see the night sky in your neighbourhood. Scroll around to and click to identify the constellations or planets.


See what the Hubble Telescope saw when staring into empty space for ten days. Its truly amazing.


NOVA EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS can be used for school projects or just to enjoy.


NOVA EDUCATION help kids with school projects or just for entertainment.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FOR KIDS has games for education and play.


The SeaDoc Society, founded in 1999, conducts and sponsors scientific research in the inland waters of the Pacific Northwest, also known as the Salish Sea.


Grave Yard of the Pacific is a Coast Guard shipping game and educational tool for learning about coastal sailing hassards.


Read Kiddo Read is a site to encourage kids to read. Should you check this site out please forward your opinion to our contact page.


Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department kids page. Work with the kids to develop a home safety plan.


Fun site for checking sunrise and sunset times, world clock, moon phases and eclipses.


Cool video of how to get to Mars.


Learn how the internet works.



The Canadian Space Agency Videos 


Chris Hadfield uses social media to educate Canadians and the world about space travel using experiments that are available on video, Click Below.



10,000 coffees.com

Browse the hundreds of Expert profiles, in over 21 diverse categories now. From Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s and PepsiCo to game-changing individuals like Astronaut Chris Hadfield – you never know who you’ll meet or where the conversation will take you.http://www.tenthousandcoffees.com/#splash

Watch Meet the Volcanoes on PBS. See more from NOVA.