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BRANDI MEYER - Medicine Horse Program/Energy Healing Medicine Horses
of Crofter's Gleann - Healing from the Heart to give Peace of Mind.
CJ CLENDENNING - Yumenami Meridian Shiatsu Creator and Facilitator of
Spirit Bundle Workshops for Women. Nutritional Cleanse Consultant.
CAROL KEANE is a Certied Healing Touch Practitioner and NVC Facilitator
who helps people connect with their innate ability to heal themselves both
physically and emotionally. She has been a Gabriola resident for 22 years.
She practices in Nanaimo and on Gabriola.
EMILIE KEMLO, Psychologist #548, has returned from Tokyo, Japan to present
the C.G.Jung Mythological Ar t Therapy Journey at Gabriola Healing
Fair. She is also a Bioenergetic Analyst and oers somatic trauma release
work for depression, anxiety, anger management and emotional transformation.
GERI ELLIOTT - Tiny Twigs Wellness and Care - Oering a variety of natural
wellness products including wildcrafted teas and organic spice blends,
handmade body care products and immunity boosters.
GWEN SPINKS; Feldenkrais practitioner – Through injury, illness & stress
we develop habits that can cause us pain. The Feldenkrais Method teaches
us how our habitual movements aect our mental & physical health.
JEANNETTE NIENABER, Healing Touch Certied Practitioner and Instructor.
Light touch is used to bring deep relaxation and healing to all aspects
of your being.
JUDY CARSON - Reiki Grand Master/Teacher/Practitioner - Reiki allows us
to open up to positive energy allowing our bodies to heal on all levels of
LEITA McIN - Certied Energy Medicine Practitioner oering personal
treatments, energy balancing movement classes, and study groups. A synergistic
blend of Traditional Healing techniques bringing harmonic vibrancy
back into your mind, body and spirit.
MICHELE FIRE-RIVER HEART - Certied Shamanic Coach. Shamanic techniques
allow us to heal, and have tools with which to create & maintain
greater balance and emotional health in our lives.
NANCY LAIRD - nannutrition Consulting. Formally trained as a food chemist
then reborn as a holistic nutritionist, Nancy is passionate about food.
She oers guidance for nourishing body, mind and spirit on Gabriola and
Vancouver Islands.
SUZANNE WHITTINGHAM - Certied Practitioner in S.E.D. (Sound Energy
Dynamics) since 1997. "Sound Tuning" works with the physics of stainless
steel tuning forks over and around your body to clear, integrate and activate
on all levels.

Healing Arts Fair
Healing Arts Fair