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Knit Wits on Gabriola Island A small group of Gabriola women who loved to knit first met in the fall of 2008, since then the group has expanded to include about three dozen knitters who call themselves the “Knitwits.” They meet monthly, and to date have sent dozens of new born toques to a community in Uganda, and many lovely knitted hats, scarves and toques to Calgary where they are sold with all proceeds going to the Stephen Lewis “Grandmother’s to Grandmother’s Campaign” which supports African Grandmothers  and the children in their care. Recently we sent several sweaters, toques and scarves to the small Citta Hospital in the remote village of Simikot, high in the Himalaya mountains, 10,000 feet above sea level in the farthest north west corner of Nepal in the remote Humla valley.


We appreciate all the generous donations of wool that we have received from Gabriolans and we are stocking up on many beautiful hand knitted items to send off to the Calgary sale in October or to the tiny hospital in the Himalayas.


We would like to encourage everyone to support the Himalayan Festival held here on Gabriola in the summer—the proceeds go to the Citta hospital


If you want to join us, but don’t knit—come to our meetings and someone will teach you, or if you have some wool, of any kind, that you want to see put to good use, call Molly @ 247-9539.  

Knit Wits