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Gabriola Radio Co-operative operates as a volunteer organization with a growing membership consisting of Gabriola residents and visitors. We hold regular monthly public meetings the first Wednesday of each month at different locations around the Island.  We invite you to share your ideas for Gabriola’s own FM radio station.

As we are approved for our license at 60 watts for 98.7FM we are in fundrive for this year.

Our mailing address is PO Box 98.7, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0
Phone: 250-247-9891, email: Station Manager   stnmgr at ckgi.ca
For music matters email: Music Department  music at ckgi.ca
For society matters email: Board of Directors  board at ckgi.ca

Our mission is to provide the island and surrounding communities of Gabriola, Valdes, Mudge, Link, DeCourcy, Ruxton, Pylades with an FM Radio Station capable of performing the following:


a. provide, local and Canadian, actors and musicians a broadcast platform on an alternative, commercial free community radio station;
b. offer the general public an intelligent, innovative, entertaining, alternative to the programming fare currently offered;
c. communicate, with the highest standards of journalism, the concerns, interests and activities of the gulf islands to the general public;
d. give groups from the community (other than partisan political or religious groups) an opportunity to communicate with their members and with the general public;
e. give individuals, from all age groups and cultural backgrounds, an
opportunity to develop and use their creative talents on radio.
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Gabriola Co-op Radio
Gabriola Co-op Radio